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by Robert Bornn, synthesizer 
with Laura Worth, vocals



Welcome to Inhale! … 
the historic interstellar ballroom, 
where H+ Transhumans meet the R2D2 Tribe and 
LightBeings shimmer the night away to FutureAge music.

Interstellar space is a place with almost no gravity, hovering at near absolute zero without  atmosphere to breathe nor to carry sound.  It was a challenge to create a hospitable place to host a gathering of enlightened beings. 

2050 was the year of the first interstellar 4/20 celebration.  Representatives from Earth’s H+ Transhuman community and two extraterrestrial groups met to share their knowledge of existential survival skills that would not require them to consume sentient life.  They celebrated the event in music and dance with their new-found friends.  The R2D2 Tribe, LightBeings, and Earth’s H+ Transhumans gather to share their space, their music, their dance, and their spirits.  It is here at the historic Inhale! ballroom where this album was recorded live. 

And to support this new friendship, every year since then, on 4/20 Earth-time, all species that don’t consume sentient life have been invited to interstellar sector Alpha Centauri to celebrate!


H and H+ Transhumans 

H refers to the human condition -- its triumph and pride, its chaos and despair, and its ultimate foundation of love.  After years of struggle humans finally add the + (plus) to our humanity and become H+ Transhumans.  When we no longer kill other sentient beings we are worthy of joining the other CosmicElders


One of the first CosmicElder species, LightBeings project intense light waves with their glistening, iridescent, gossamer wings.  They flutter their pearlescent wings with shimmering excitement.  At the Inhale! ballroom, LightBeings are able to greet, hug, and dance with the other beings made of the light-matter.  Their kisses are luminous and their movements entwine with the others in a merging and parting of color and light.   They had developed the cosmic power to create love and compassion where there had been none.  In Earth’s 21st century, they have committed to join with the R2D2 Tribe and with the new H+ Transhumans to create love and compassion throughout the cosmos.
R2D2 Tribe
The first of the atomic/molecular assembled beings, they partner with the LightBeings to harvest the abundant photonic energy of the stars.  Later they joined the CosmicElders as truly immortal beings, not in need of consuming sentient life to survive.  They have committed to share the abundance of their cosmic experience and insights about how to achieve immortality with the other CosmicElders.

(43 minutes)

1. Inhale  2:04

The LightBeings and R2D2 Tribe welcome their new friends, the H+ Transhumans to the Inhale! interstellar ballroom and 4/20 celebration. H+ Transhumans are newly emerging beings in the respected world of loving CosmicElders attending this year’s Expo and holiday celebration. 

2. Pride 3:09

New to the party, the H+ Transhumans perform a parade to celebrate the peace and sheer joy of existence without domination of others.

3.  Slow Time 4:55

H+ Transhumans performed this ode to those who waited supportively in “slow time” for their incarcerated loved ones to be returned to freedom after the drug wars were over and there was an end to prohibition on planet Earth. 

4.  Homecoming  3:25

The LightBeings welcome us across the myriad of stars.   For we are all starborne --  just in different times, in different ways.  Beyond even consciousness, we all share our spirits.

5.  Sativa Dance   3:26

H+ Transhumans lead the first 4/20 celebration with music and dance from the warmest places of our Sun’s blue Earth.

6.  Breathe Free   6:02

LightBeings lead us as we all breathe together with open hearts.  We all breathe free because no being needs to, ever again, consume any other being for existential survival.  The game has finally changed for good!

7.  Chiba Chiba   2:30

H+ Transhumans lead the 4/20 celebration with music and dance from Earth’s sometimes hot cultures.

8.  Riffin’, Ganja Style   6:41

Beyond humanity’s early 21st century Psy and Gangnam style is H+ Transhumans music and dance that is Riffin’ Ganja Style -- from seemingly disjointed, nonsensical ramblings through witchy, phantasmagoria -- and then back into sweet wistfulness.

9.  Full-Melt Tango    2:43

H+ Transhumans share their dances, showing the poignancy of life on our blue planet and nostalgia mixed with hope and love. 

10.  Violet Flame   3:55

LightBeings teach their miraculous power to create love and compassion with their luminous kisses and colorful light dance.

11.  Further   3:30

LightBeings host the R2D2 Tribe and H+ Transhumans in a celebration of the future of consciousness and love.

12.  Love Returns   1:32

H+ Transhumans sing with their heartstrings to the CosmicElders of their hope for the future.


For the Inhale!album Robert Bornn improvises on synthesizer with Laura Worth on vocals.  Robert and Laura first began performing and recording together in Puget Sound in 2004 (alto recorder, vocals, Xylimba, kalimba, African drums, and piano).  Their first album as a duo was Love Is… sharing evocative music to honor love with original improvisational, instrumental, and vocal duets.  Beginning in 1997 they had founded, performed, and recorded with their DIAJ ensemble (Drummers in a Jam) in the San Francisco Bay Area. Through their original FutureAge music, dance, and film, they present a vision of a positive, non-violent future. 




Robert Bornn, a master psychoacoustican, plays the synthesizer on the Inhale! album.   The synth lends itself to Robert’s original, improvisational expressions.  Each track is recorded in one sitting and undertaken with the wild sparkle and courage of his musical convictions.

Robert created electronic music innovations in the 60s.  He now brings a lifetime of acoustic creativity and musical sensibility to his electronic music on the synthesizer.  He delights us by weaving his original acoustic ideas into innovative electronic beats and melodies.  With spontaneity and style he combines his choice of electronic tracks with the brilliance of his own grooves. 

Whether soloing on the synth or joined with Laura Worth’s vocals, he demonstrates his mastery of the call-and-response motif that is so integral to the West African and Congolese music and rhythms he has embraced throughout his musical career. 

Robert first learned percussion and hand drumming in the 50s on the subways and streets of New York City. He was later influenced by the West Coast Congolese and West-African master drummers and instrumentalists he played with. Creating original percussion music for more than five decades, he also founded DIAJ (Drummers in a Jam) for San Francisco Bay Area drummers and dancers in the early 90s. 

Robert wrote, directed, produced and performed in Sweet California (1997), an African-inspired performance of original and traditional music and dance, including his original ballet, California Suite (1997); and The World Is You (2001), an original World Beat music and dance performance.  He was the founding director of DIAJ performing group and producer of the DIAJ CD, Pangaea: Old World, New Visions (1998), also featuring Laura and the late Ma Boukaka, Congolese American entertainer, teacher, and inspiration for generations of drummers. 

In 2003 he founded SeaDrift Media Productions to produce and distribute his film, art, and music.  Robert is featured playing Xylimba and hand drums on his album, Ocean's Edge-Spirit's Journey, which he also directed, filmed, and produced as a non-violent, nature art film on DVD (2004).

Robert and Laura wrote, produced, and performed in Lights of the Sound, a multi-media sound-driven light show and performance event, directed by Robert in collaboration with other community-based artists, on Vashon Island in December, 2004.

In 2005 Robert recorded his improvisational Discovery Suite on piano for Here and Now, the second in his CD/film series, Ebb and Flow.  In 2008 he released his third nature art film in that evocative series, the prescient Bird Dreams, available on YouTube (add link to link section). 

In 2009 Robert produced the 2-CD album, Mouyami, including his featured improvisational performances with Ma Boukaka and Laura.

Robert and Laura began performing and recording as the SoundMoments duo in Puget Sound in 2004.  They performed and recorded their album, Love Is… together in 2012.  They continue to perform at various community events around Puget Sound, including the Vashon Island Music Festival and Hempfest.


Laura Worth contributed her vocals to the Inhale! album.  In the recording studio, as she listened to the music emanating from Robert Bornn’s synth, she spontaneously felt compelled to contribute to this new music.  Each of the her songs unfolded spontaneously in the musical, in-the-moment setting Robert invited her to join.  His sensitivity to call-and-response, the ebb and flow of communication through music, made the music work.  After years of making music with acoustic instruments and voice, this early welcoming by Robert made it possible for her to explore adding voice to this new electronic medium. 

Laura played the recorder in the 70s for personal enjoyment and to entertain her friends.  In the early 90s she learned the basics of African-inspired hand drumming from San Francisco Bay Area teachers.  She cofounded DIAJ (Drummers in a Jam) with Robert Bornn to foster development of a local music community based on African-inspired music.  In 1998 she began improvising original melodies on the alto recorder for their DIAJ performing ensemble. 

Laura co-produced and performed in Sweet California in 1997 and The World Is You world beat music and fusion dance event in 2001.  She performed and recorded with DIAJ, including her featured performances with Ma Boukaka and Robert on the DIAJ CDs, Pangaea: Old World New Visions (1998) and Mouyami (2009).

In 2002 Laura began improvising vocals, drums, and alto recorder performances and recording with Robert in Mendocino, California.  She is featured playing alto recorder on Ocean's Edge-Spirit's Journey, available as a CD and a film on DVD (2004).  Robert and Laura began performing and recording as the SoundMoments duo in Puget Sound in 2004.  They performed and recorded their album, Love Is… together in 2012.


SeaDrift Media Productions produces and markets a variety of film and other media created by founders, Robert Bornn and Laura Worth.  Through original alternative art film, music, and dance our mission is to entertain with non-violent images and ideas while inspiring awe, curiosity, and creativity.  We present a vision of a positive non-violent future through FutureAge music, dance, and film.  Please visit our website at www.SeaDriftMedia.com for video and audio downloads and more about us.

Songwriting:  Robert Bornn and Laura Worth

Executive Producer and Artistic Director: Robert Bornn

Arrangements: Robert Bornn and Laura Worth

Liner/Album Notes: Robert Bornn and Laura Worth

Lyrics: Robert Bornn and Laura Worth

Photos/Art Work: Robert Bornn

Production Manager:  Laura Worth

Engineering, Digital Recording, Mix Down, Digital Master: Robert Bornn

Recorded at SeaDrift Media Studio, Vashon Island, Washington

Copyright © 2013 by Robert Bornn.  All rights reserved.

(P) 2013 by Robert Bornn, dba SeaDrift Media Productions.

Inhale!, Inhale This Album, InhaleThisAlbum.com, LightBeings, R2D2 Tribe, 
CosmicElders, and FutureAge are trademarks of Robert Bornn. 

Contact Information: 
Robert Bornn 
SeaDrift Media Productions
PO Box 2443, Vashon, WA 98070


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Copyright © 2004-2019 by Robert Bornn and Laura Worth. All rights reserved.
Images by Robert Bornn.