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Laura Worth, Publicist
SeaDrift Media Productions
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Ocean's Edge-Spirt's Journey: 
Opens a Thanksgiving Weekend of Film at Newly Renovated Vashon Theater

November 11, 2004, Vashon, WA. Ocean's Edge-Spirit's Journey opens an evening of family-friendly films at the newly renovated Vashon Theater on Friday, 11/26.  Doors open 6:15 PM, movie begins 6:30 PM.  Ocean's Edge is a non-violent, nature, art movie by filmmaker, Robert Bornn, recently relocated to Vashon.  This 18-minute movie "short" is an artistic journey through the eyes of a seabird.  It sets dramatic coastal images, evocative abstracts, and natural ocean sounds to duets improvised by Robert with his partner, Laura Worth, also relocated to Vashon Island.  They will be available at the screening for questions. Ocean's Edge launches a nonviolent alternative to typical "savage nature" documentaries.  Six original, instrumental ballads performed by Robert and  Laura are woven together with Robert's natural visuals.   This lyrical movie, without narrative, was filmed on digital videotape at sunset with nature providing all the "special effects."  Visit www.seadriftmedia.com to download a free sample of the Ocean's Edge DVD.  Also, www.bornn.com and www.coachworth.com provide more information about the artists and samples of their music and art.

For more than four decades Robert Bornn has created a wide variety of films and images.  In 1968 his first lyrical film, Mandarin Orange Matrix, was screened at the historic Filmmakers Cinematheque in New York City. Robert and Laura have also each been making music for more than four decades.  Prior to developing the duo style of Ocean's Edge, they built a musical ensemble, DIAJ (Drummers in a Jam).  Robert produced their album, Pangaea: Old World, New Visions, on which their melodic and rhythmic improvisations are featured with lead vocalist, Ma Boukaka, the Congolese-American entertainer and teacher.  Samples of DIAJ music are available at www.bornn.com, www.coachworth.com, and www.CDBABY.com.



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