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Ocean's Edge -
Spirit's Journey 

Six lyrical vignettes from the Northern California Coast 
by Robert Bornn and Laura Worth

This colorful and enchanting, nonviolent nature film on DVD is for 
your peaceful relaxation and inspiration.  (It is also excellent for 
yoga, dance, exercise, and meditation as well as for romance and 
family viewing.)

Evocative, African-inspired music 
by Robert Bornn (on xylimba and drums) 
and Laura Worth (on alto recorder). 

Colorful visuals with six instrumental duets celebrate 
the lyrical, spiritual, and sensuous sides of nature on 
the wild Mendocino Coast.

1. Homeward Bound (1:38)  The seabirds head for home.
2. My Heart (0:48) Nature weaves the smallest things into beauty.
3. Passion (6:35) Great waves and the ebb and flow of the tides. 
4. Pas de Deux  (4:02)  The dance of sunlight, waves, and birds in flight.
5. Courage  (3:38)  The seabirds return and skim the waves.
6. Our Love  (1:00)  Two seabirds unite and fly into the future.

Ocean's Edge - Spirit's Journey is available on DVD.

This 18-minute movie has three sound track choices and a 
3-minute "Filmmaker's Comments":

  • music and ocean sounds 
  • music only 
  • ocean sounds only 
  • filmmaker's comments

Filmmaker Robert Bornn's latest release, Ocean's Edge Spirit's Journey, sets dramatic coastal images, evocative abstracts, and natural ocean sounds to original, improvisational duets with Laura Worth.  Their observation of gratuitous violence in typical "savage nature" documentaries has led them to develop the alternative, nonviolent, nature film series, Ebb and Flow. First in that series, Ocean's Edge Spirit's Journey features seabirds as a metaphor for the persistence and poignancy of life.  In it Robert weaves their six instrumental ballads with his natural visuals to create an exciting journey through the eyes of a seabird.  Filmed on digital videotape at sunset, nature provided all the vibrant colors and visual "special effects."

For more than four decades Robert Bornn has created a wide variety of films and images.  In 1968 his first lyrical film, Mandarin Orange Matrix, was screened at the historic Filmmakers Cinematheque in New York City. 

Robert and Laura (pictures and bios) have also each been making music for more than four decades. Prior to developing their duo style, they built a musical ensemble, DIAJ (Drummers in a Jam), creating a new African-Inspired, California-Grown music.  Robert produced their abum, Pangaea: Old World, New Visions on which their melodic and rhythmic improvisations are featured with lead vocalist, Ma Boukaka, the Congolese-American entertainer and teacher.

Visit Robert at www.bornn.com to learn more about him and see samples of his art.  Visit Laura at www.coachworth.com to learn more about her and life and business coaching.  Download free samples of their music library at www.seadriftmedia.com.

Music recorded at Haven Studio (Menlo Park, CA).  Images from the Northern California Coast.  Post production at SeaDrift Media Studio (Caspar, CA).

Copyright © (P) 1998-2019 by Robert Bornn and Laura Worth.  All rights reserved.

We are happy to provide our movies at no extra charge for public viewing to certain organizations dedicated to the public good (such as libraries, museums, schools, and art centers).

Please feel free to download the free sample of "Here and Now: Vashon-Maury Island" for your own, non-commercial use.  Please contact us for information about licensing our music and images.





Ocean's Edge (click for photo enlargement)

1.  ORDER movie on 
DVD for $10.00

Ocean's Edge-Spirit's Journey
by Robert Bornn and Laura Worth

Quartermaster Harbor

2FREE e-download
of Filmmaker's Comments
(3-minutes, lo-res) 

Ocean's Edge - Spirit's Journey
by Robert Bornn and Laura Worth 

Quartermaster Harbor

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* 21 MB-real media video format (.rm)

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Copyright © 2004-2019 by Robert Bornn and Laura Worth. All rights reserved.
Images by Robert Bornn.