SeaDrift Media Productions
P. O. Box 2443
Vashon Island, WA  98070
(206) 463-9283

SeaDrift Media Productions was founded to produce and market a variety of film and other media created by founders, Robert Bornn and Laura Worth.  Through our alternative art films, our mission is to entertain while inspiring awe, curiosity, and creativity. 

SeaDrift Media Productions released Ocean's Edge - Spirit's Journey, the first film in its Ebb and Flow series, in May, 2004. 

The focus of the Ebb and Flow series will be to provide a positive experience of natural wonders with neither cloying "Disney-ism" nor unrelenting cynicism.  Our films will offer fresh, artistic alternatives to the gratuitous violence seen in typical "savage nature" documentaries and other films. 


Ocean's Edge - Spirit's Journey DVD (Home Page)

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