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Ma Boukaka  is from Republic of Congo in Central Africa and grew up between the village Ngolibu and the capital city, Brazzaville.  He learned to drum by tapping out rhythms in the jungle with his friends.  At 14 he went to work as a cook in Brazzaville.  Later he became a "pisteur" -- guide, hunter, and cook for a French safari company in Northern Congo and Gabon.  On safari, he met Alan Baer, a young American who offered to bring him to the United States.  Ma Boukaka accepted and came to the Bay Area in 1959.  After the arrival of fellow Congolese in California, Ma Boukaka worked with them for years to produce many shows of Congolese culture through dance, drum, and song.  Now, on his own and with others, he continues to create songs and musical arrangements evolving from his traditional Bantu roots.  He has taught drumming for decades and continues to initiate beginners into African rhythms and inspire drummers at all levels.  He performs with his band, Bole Bantu ("It Takes Two") and has released an album by the same name.  He also performs and records with DIAJ (Drummers in a Jam), including the original "Sweet California" ballet, "The World Is You," and his performance on DIAJ CD, Pangaea: Old World New Visions.  (lead vocals, conga, ngoma, harmonica, keesansi (kalimba), clave, slit drum).


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