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Bird Dreams
the final film in the Ebb and Flow  trilogy
by Robert Bornn

"What if our darkest fears of environmental calamity were to occur? 
It's just a bird dream, right?" -- anonymous post-apocalyptic sage --

Filmmaker Robert Bornn's evocative movie, Bird Dreams (2008), is the third digital video film in his Ebb and Flow lyrical nature series. 

The Ebb and Flow trilogy offers an unconventional view of nature in three narrative-free and nonviolent movies. Robertís perspective shows nature in ethereal abstracts and enchanted naturalism. 

Run Time:  9 minutes

For more than four decades Robert Bornn has created a wide variety of films and images.  In 1968 his first lyrical film, Mandarin Orange Matrix, was screened at the historic Filmmakers Cinematheque in New York City. 

In 2004 he released Oceanís Edge-Spiritís Journey, a  narrative-free natural look at the Mendocino, California Coast and its bird culture.  Original music was provided by his partner, Laura Worth on recorder and Robert on Xylimba and drums (pictures and bios).

In 2005 Robert released Here and Now which sets evocative natural waterscapes and landscapes to Discovery Suite, his original, improvisational piano medley.

Bird Dreams (2008) is the final film in the Ebb and Flow  trilogy.

Robert has been creating original music and sound effects on a variety of instruments since the 60ís. He has also created duets with Laura as SoundMoments Duo.  Previously they built the musical ensemble, DIAJ (Drummers in a Jam), creating a new, African-Inspired, improvisational music.  Robert produced their album, Pangaea: Old World, New Visions on which their melodic and rhythmic expressions are featured with lead vocalist, Ma Boukaka, the Congolese-American entertainer and teacher.

Visit Robert at www.bornn.com to learn more about him and see samples of his art. Download free samples of Robert Bornn's and Laura Worth's music library and samples of Robert's sound effects at www.seadriftmedia.com

Video and  nature sounds recorded in Cascadia; post production at Vashon-Maury Studios. 

Copyright © (P) 2005-2008 by Robert Bornn.  All rights reserved.

We are happy to provide our movies at no extra charge for public viewing to certain organizations dedicated to the public good (such as libraries, museums, schools, and art centers).

Please feel free to download the free sample of "Bird Dreams" for your own, non-commercial use.  Please contact us for information about licensing our music and images.





Bird Dreams

Free film 
Download Here
(9 minutes - 120 MB - medium res wmv)



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Copyright © 2004-2009 by Robert Bornn and Laura Worth. All rights reserved.
Images by Robert Bornn.